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Please wait, background loading. Sunset over Gulf of Mexico, Lime Tree Bay Resort, Long Key, FL
(Photo by Doris Cramer 04.20.04)

The film strip below is a chronological listing of recent projects that have been
digitized for DVD, interactive CD & for "On Demand" web access.

Scroll down, click on a picture of an adventure of your choice and enjoy.

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Click here to play our film A Day in the Parks with Jean-Paul & Martine Destin, FL

Nov. 9th, 2006.

Click this picture to view a 2 minute movie trailer of the Park Film: "History Uncovered" Fort Frederica NM
St. Simons Island, Georgia.
Movie trailer of park film:
"History Uncovered" - 2:09 RT
Produced 11.17.05
Click here for enlargements. Blue Ridge Llamas, Georgia.
Fun on the farm at Pam & Jerry's.
Produced 07.11.05
Click here for a short film clip of our trip to Big Kahuna's in Destin, Florida. Big Kahuna Water Park, Destin, FL. Family day sunning & splashing.
Click here for low bandwidth version. Produced 06.16.05
Click here to go to a short video of our horseback ride at the Brandin' Iron Corral in Florida. Horseback Riding at the Brandin' Iron Corral, FL. Breana, Kirstin & Megan go horseback riding.
Click here for low bandwidth version. Produced 06.15.05
Click here to see a short 5 minute video of Wally & Cynthia's trip to Paradise to visit the Cramers in April 2005. The Endicotts visit the Cramers in Paradise. Going places and eating the local food.
Click here for low bandwidth version. Produced 04.07.05
Click here to see The "Bilge Rats" sing - "Bound to South Australia" Taberna del Gallo, Colonial Spanish Quarter. Host to the "Bilge Rats" who enthrall the patrons with sea songs and other ditties.
Click here for low bandwidth version. Produced 07.17.04
Click here for a 4 minute video of Ron & Tracy's Florida Vacation Dinner with Ron & Tracy
44th Aero Squadron Restaurant at the Venice  airport provided the eats.
Click here for low bandwidth version. Ron's vacation video (4 minutes)
Produced 6.29.04.
Click here to view a 3 minute movie trailer of Andersonville's "Echoes of Captivity" Andersonville Nat'l Historic Site
3 minute video clip of their signature film called Echoes of Captivity.
Click here for low bandwidth version. Produced 6.7.04.
Home made pies, "Cramer Style" Baking Pies
We love to bake, check out these creations...
De Soto National Memorial Bradenton, Florida.
Learn about Hernando De Soto's exploration of early America.
Produced 10.28.03.
GWiz Science Museum
Sarasota, Florida.

Tag along for learning and fun.
4 minute video
Produced 07.07.03.
Mote Marine Aquarium
Sarasota, Florida

Enjoy a fun-filled day at Mote Marine Aquarium.
4 minute video
Produced 06.03.03
Venice Beach
Venice, Florida.

Stroll the beach, visit the jetty and
don't miss the sunset.
Produced 03.07.03
weeeMVC-182F.jpg (9406 bytes) Gasparilla Island
Boca Grande, Florida.

Famous for indigenous fauna & flora.
Produced 09.21.02.
weeeMVC-665Fb.jpg (7525 bytes) Puget Sound Parks
Pierce County, Washington.
Visit 2 of Puget Sound's fabulous waterfront parks.
Produced 06.01.02
weeeMVC-585F.jpg (10306 bytes) Salmon La Sac
Roslyn, Washington.
Come along on a road trip over Snoqualmie Pass.
Produced 05.18.02
weeeOceanShores.jpg (7287 bytes) Pacific Northwest Coast
Ocean Shores, Washington.
Sand, air & water fun.
Produced 05.18.02
weeIconSafecoField.jpg (11423 bytes) Safeco Field
Seattle, Washington.
Take in a Mariners game in their
brand new stadium.
Produced 04.28.02
weeDSC00894.jpg (11987 bytes) Disney World Services
Los Angeles, California.

An inside look on how one of the
"Big Boys" runs a network
Produced 03.14.02
weeDSC00519.jpg (8075 bytes) Downtown
Atlanta, Georgia.
Home turf for many. A booming city that pulsates 24 hours a day.
Produced 02.01.02
wee1DSC00390.jpg (6238 bytes) Razor Clammin'
Ocean Shores, Washington.
Search for & prepare these delectable bi-valves. (Permitted only twice a year)
Produced 01.01.02
wee20010825RocheIcon.jpg (8300 bytes) San Juan Islands
Roche Harbor, Washington.
Fly with us to a unique
fine dining adventure.
Produced 08.24.01
weeCraterLake01.jpg (8250 bytes)  Crater Lake National Park
Crater Lake, Oregon.
Circumvent this beautiful
water filled volcano.
Filmed 08.13.01
Coming soon     Sea Lion Caves
Newport, Oregon.
Observe sea lions in their natural habitat
Filmed 08.14.01
  Click here to view Waterland Festival fun...   Waterland Festival
Des Moines, WA
Pie eating contest highlights & more...
Filmed 07.26.01
weeEvParks.jpg (9962 bytes) City Parks
Everett, Washington
Day trip to 5 lovely city parks.
Produced 06.30.01
weeMVC-639F.jpg (9412 bytes) Key West, Kennedy Space Center & The Emerald Coast, Florida.
Join us for a fun-filled
2 week virtual experience.
Produced 05.10.01 through 05.23.01
weeMVC-810F.jpg (7803 bytes) Skamania Lodge
Stevenson, Washington
Relive the early twentieth century & follow the Columbia River.
Produced 03.18.01
weeMVC-644F.jpg (10127 bytes) Cascade Range
Index, Washington.
Skykomish River - a white water, steelhead & gold panning heaven.
Produced 03.03.01
weeMVC-394F.jpg (10024 bytes) Coming Soon
La Conner, WA.
Overnight trip to an active harbor &
vibrant art community.
Filmed 02.17.01
weeMVC-239F.jpg (6644 bytes) Coming Soon
Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Day trip to a misty shoreline.
Filmed 02.10.01
weeMVC-151F.jpg (6899 bytes) Coming Soon
Long Beach, Washington
Day trip to the Pacific Coast.
Filmed 01.27.01
weeMVC-506F.jpg (10808 bytes) Coming Soon
Two Creative Stars Merge

Roche Harbor, Washington.
Small plane aerobatics &
dinner to follow, if you dare.
Filmed 08.22.00
More Demos: FedWayRadiator
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