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Marc & Doris meet up with Scott & Helen while on a trip to Atlanta, GA. February 1st, 2002

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On a 767 winging it to Atlanta, Washington State Cascade Range below.
Marc's boss, Gary Yazwa, enjoys his DVD player during the flight.
Below: Atlanta, GA, city skyline.
Left to right; Yaz, Doris & Ebby.
Marc & Doris enjoy Atlanta's "Underground"
Doris sits with a new-found friend, by the waterfall entrance.
Atlanta's misty morning outline visible from our patio at 5 AM.
YAZ & his group, Felicia, John, George & Marc.
Helen "porking out" on a fine desert at Gladys & The Pips
Scott enjoys a sensible salad.
Scott & Helen at the entrance to CNN's main office building.
Inside CNN, 4 stories of head room.
CNN's roof atrium has plenty of glass to allow in the light.
Doris going up the world's longest free-standing escalator, 90 feet.
Helen & Scott arrive at the top.
Helen poses with new-found billionaire buddy, Ted.
Below: One of CNN's many displays, a round TV array.
Atlanta's Olympic Rings Fountain at Century Park.
Helen & Doris chum-it-up inside the atrium at Embassy Suites.
Going away & farewell dinner, hosted by YAZ.