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Doris & Marc frequently stroll down Venice Beach & always try to catch the sunsets, March 7th, 2003

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Below - Looking East from the West end of Venice jetty.
Below - Looking North from Venice Jetty towards the Nokomis jetty.
Below - Local pelicans, diving for dinner. MedVideo.gif (97 bytes)
Below - Sitting under the Australian Pines watching the sun go down.
Below - Having a smoke & enjoying the sights & sounds.
Below - Doris took this picture of Marc around 20 minutes to sundown.
Below - Once having got their fill of fish, the pelicans take to the Pines to roost for the night.
Below - The last few gluttons can't resist the easy pickings.
Below - The sun sets behind a cloud bank, far to the west & the last bird wings it home.