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YAZ, John & Marc visit Southern California & get a personal tour of Disney Studio's NOC

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Winging it to LA on a Boeing 737-400
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"Warning!!!!" John is about to charm the rental car lady.
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A Starbucks respite, in Burbank, just before taking the tour of the Data Center.
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Local resident at Disney Studios, pal of a friendly squirrel, both wanting free handouts.
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This "Bird" makes a colorful statement & thrives in the local landscape.
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Two "Hawks" in this "Paradise of Birds"
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Val & Ron Moeckel take John & I to a local eatery for dinner.
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At the "Claim-Jumper" - trying to decide.....
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Typical California Hummer-Limo.
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Ron & Val Moeckel's new home in Fountain Valley, CA. Bye, Guys & Gals, see you again soon...M.
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