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Marc & Doris take a scenic drive along the Columbia River to Stevenson, WA.

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Peaceful picnic area awaits you.

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One of many tunnels along the busy Columbia rail line.

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Misty fog rolling in from the Pacific.

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Our fireplace suite on the third floor, overlooking the gorge.

MedBlueVideoIcon.jpg (6061 bytes)  Video of the peaceful in-suite fireplace.

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View across the lawn from the Great Room.

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Relaxing and reading in the Great Room.

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Giant walk-through fireplace in the Great Room

MedBlueVideoIcon.jpg (6061 bytes)  Video of the giant fireplace in the Great Room.

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Main Dining Room.

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Smoke break on the back porch.

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Rising steam pinpoints location of outdoor spa.

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An analemma sundial is located on the front lawn.