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Marc enjoys creating and baking pies. Here are some of his favorites.

Building a "Butterhorn Mountain" apple pie.
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Below - The top crust is placed and mashed down.
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Below - After several "Glazings" it's ready to cool.
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Below - The sugar coating has carmelized and simulates the snow pack.
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Below - Eat the entire pie and you might as well have climbed Mt. Everest.
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Below -View of the compact layers of apple slices.
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Below - Cherry "Button-Hole" pie.
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Below - "Button-Hole pie at eye level.
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Below - Blueberry "Button-Hole pie, just placed in the oven.
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Below - Blueberry pie, ready for glazing.
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Below - Blueberry "Button-Hole" pie, made specially for Kathy Dent's staff in Sarasota. MedBlueVideoIcon.jpg (6061 bytes)
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