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Wally, Cynthia, John, Meg, Marc & Doris go "Razor Clammin'" at Ocean Shores, WA on New Years 2001

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One hour before "Low Tide", some folks are already on the beach trying to beat the crowd.The best clams will be found where the surf is still rolling, after dark & from your knees.
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Layered clothing (10 or 12), a rain slicker, old sneakers, remove jewelry, unbutton your sleeves so you can hike them up, a hooded sweatshirt or earmuffs & visions of "Hot-Tubbing" afterwards.
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The "Buddy System" with your helper holding the lantern or flashlight. Spot the air-hole, two scoops of the shovel, on your knees & dig for China. Grab the neck & don't let go, have your helper hold your feet so you don't go under.
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Preparing for the feed the next day. 15 Razor Clams will feed 8 hungry folks. You'll need a 2 burner camp stove & a large work area for preparation
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Paper plates, plastics forks & knives, paper cups along with your normal pic-nicking tools are recommended.
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Prepare your appetizers first, before you start cleaning the clams, it's the only thing that will help you avoid eating the clams before they're done frying
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Small crab/shrimp Louie Dixie cups are prepared using Wally's home-made cocktail sauce of ketchup, lemon juice & shredded horse radish. HOT
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You don't need much, just enough to whet your appetite
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In go the shrimp & crab meat
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Larry & Cherryl enjoy the sunshine & 50 degree weather while waiting for the food.
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Tasting the cocktail sauce!!!
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Spicy HOT!!!
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After slitting the neck of the clam & snipping off the tip, use a paring knife to separate the clam from the shell.
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Remove the "Digger" portion of the clam, clean & set aside for frying. MedVideo.gif (97 bytes)
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Carefully remove the "Belly" MedVideo.gif (97 bytes)
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On the 2 burner camp stove, using clarified butter & virgin olive oil, fry up your potatoes & clams in separate pans. MedVideo.gif (97 bytes)
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You can fry up 2 to 3 clams in each batch, so you'll be eating in shifts. Predetermine who will eat first or the stove might get tipped over in the melee. MedVideo.gif (97 bytes)
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Uuuuummmm GOOD!!! Delicious!!!! MedVideo.gif (97 bytes)
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A walk on the beach the next morning. The first morning of the new year. Wally & Cynthia represent all of us who enjoy the northwest.
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Grateful for the bounties of mother nature & thankful for all the wonderful events that we participated in during the past year with our sharing friends.
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All of us are also looking forward to 2002 as an opportunity to continue sharing our fellowship and to enjoy our fortunate life in the Pacific Northwest. Happy New Year, everybody...
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