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Marc & Doris' final stop is Grand Avenue Park, in Everett, Washington

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weGrandAveSign095.jpg (25576 bytes)

Grand Avenue Park, 5 acres overlooking the waterfront.

weGrandAveVancouver097.jpg (39153 bytes)

Capt. George Vancouver landed near here on June 4th, 1792.

weEvChamberOfComm788F.jpg (32480 bytes)

View of City of Everett Chamber of Commerce.

weGrandAveMarina799F.jpg (35384 bytes)

Everett waterfront marina, restaurants & lodging.

weGrandAveMarina02_801F.jpg (29992 bytes)

Everett Marina, sheltered by Jetty Island.

weGrandAvePhotogMarc804F.jpg (26118 bytes)

Smoke break for a tired photog.